Some Useful Tips For Blogging Beginners

Hello readers! Today you note some blogging tips for blogging beginners consisting useful stuff for blogging in early days. We’re all aware that beginning is most crucial as well as daunting too. You have to be patient and consistent which I always measure as survival strategy.

Reality is most of us including me started journey for earning money and that’s the major error made by us. No matter what profession you’re into- put hard work-consistency-patience to become successful. Don’t forget that every Pro blogger had these biting days at the beginning. If you decided to be a blogger then you must go through this.

Without any further ado let’s begin some blogging tips for newbie bloggers :—


Blog about you know or passionate or expertise

Many newbie didn’t know or realize the basics of the blogging. It’s very simple write about what you know or passionate or expert. But I’ve seen many bloggers they start blog on any category or niche and then get bored or stuck after sometime. Result after 3-4 months “quit”.

My friends who are a medical student started blog on Technology to earn some money. But after writing few posts for some months he got bored and quit. Then I suggest him “Bro it’s happen because you have neither interest nor love that niche rather than tech you start health blog. He realized his mistakes and started a new fresh blog with his passion”.

From above you can understand what happen if you head towards misdirection just for making money. Do blog about you like and then you never ever get bore and most importantly you enjoy

Write exceptional Blog content

In past many bloggers spin used to other content for updating blog frequently and still rank in the search engines. Sorry bro you can’t do this anymore.  After Google algorithm updates most of these blogs penalized or even removed from search results.

Stop plagiarizing. Rather than writing garbage daily which many still doing like an idiot-Just craft an awesome post which please readers thus you can build more friends plus authority.

Stay Active for Your Readers

Strong connection is very essential to be a good helping bloggers. We blog as part-time, hobby and passion. But no matter what is reason behind this you shouldn’t ignore your valuable readers because they are pillars of your emperor.

Yep! Due to busy schedule you can delay but should not overlook. They came to learn advice or ask something. It’s your responsibility to clarify them. After all they are the main reason for the success of our blog by supporting, inspiring and helping and of course earning too.

Daily update your blog

Pro bloggers said if you write daily then you have an open window for ranking into search engines. Fact is if you can update your blog per day via fresh content then you will definitely notice major improvements into traffic. Why? Google as well as the readers loves to read fresh content every day. Result more quality traffic engagement within your blog.

Set Up Small Objectives

Yes! You heard right. We start blog without proper objectives. Set yourself for fulfilling small targets one by one like you are stepping a ladder. Don’t try to reach to in few moments. Result will be hurting and you know that. It is impossible to gather remarkable traffic within days or week. You could see up down in traffic but don’t give up. Stay on it and complete your blogging objectives slow and steady.

Money is not everything

I guess this is the best tips which I can give to anyone, no matter if the person is a blogger or not, but money is not everything my dear friend. There are so many other things we have in our life.

Money shouldn’t be you first priority for the blogging. That clearly signaling if you’ve no passion. I did the same and I ended my with none. While my friends continued and now they are earning handsome money. Focusing on only money finish creativity and make you greedy. It’s really devastating.

Now I understand and you should too that “Don’t hunt money let the money hunt you”  

Learn Always

Always try to learn something new every day. You know that we are not geek that doesn’t stop our desire to reach the top. Knowledge is like galaxy or water of the sea. Expand your knowledge to become successful. There’s absolutely no shame to learn new exciting things.

Stop running for Ads

I did the same in past and failed badly. Most bloggers have a mind set for Google adsense approval. You don’t need adsense if you have enough traffic cause then you can get many substitutions. Another thing beginners show too many ads after few days. Which harm site’s reputation plus they don’t even review the malware ads.

Don’t hurry! Just do your best and forget the crap ads. At first concentrate on blogging at least 6 months then monetize after getting decent traffic


Today I’ve tried to enlist some blogging Tips for blogging beginners which are very useful at the start. Do you have any problem or advice? Kindly drop a comment below. If you liked my post please consider to share.

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