Saturday , August 11 2018

How To Do SEO For Images

Image optimization is also crucial like on page and off page seo optimization. Proper image can boost site ranking beside expand content quality. We are all aware that one image is worth of 1000 words.

Clearly an image can do a lot within the blog. It’s not only satisfying the reader’s eyes but also sustain an important key factor for ranking in search engine. What I sense that an image is the heart of each blog post. Beside high merit images also necessary because it helps search engine for catching relevant information which result more traffic and authority for bloggers.

Recent algorithm change focused on images to find appropriate info plus every search engine has a facility for picture surfing. Thus you can build more boosts to your site and bring new faces to your blog. In short more friends=more link juice= more traffic= authority= increase PR.

Without this you wouldn’t able to unleash your blog’s full potential and miss many opportunities. That’s why you must aware how to do SEO for images? Get set ready?

Image File Type & Size

Slow page speed can be an effective causation. So keep in mind to avoid this because you got merely few seconds to impress the readers. But if your site’s performance demote for images. Hmm! then what you should do or what’s the cure of this?

Decrease the pixel and thereafter keep with JPEG or PNG format- its worthy to exploit: recommended by all bloggers. Also you can perform via any photo editing software. In this case I use my all time Adobe Photoshop latest version.

Image File Name

The name that you give an image file is included in the coding of the webpage that it’s displayed on, and search engines review every piece of that code when assessing the relevance of the page to the keyword being targeted. A random file name, such as image13579.jpg, adds no relevance to the page, whereas a file name with the keyword in it does add relevance. You need to find the balance between adding relevance and keyword over-usage though.

In the past it may not so crucial to name each post images or you could give a picture name like 1101952.JPG. But not anymore. Search engines match keywords with both title and images. So if you did that you must fail to rank for your keywords. I know that’s a bizarre. Therefore don’t even think to neglect images. A mini advice- if you picked a snap from a popular source must give them credit- even though its no follow and don’t overpower keywords in description or any other section. According to rule compose it little lengthy, utilize (-), exclude stop words like a, an, the, for etc.

Title tags and ALT tags

Title tag is where you put your image file name must relate with your post. Thus search engine gather appropriate blog by ranking a particular keyword.

Alt tags used to describe few alternatives of the post images. So like this post where I can employ some related words of this post – how to SEO for images. Example: image optimization skills for bloggers, 3 image optimization tactics you should use, 3 simple image optimization methods to boost traffic etc.


After reading my post you already understand that images assistance. It’s quite like a supportive pillar for the bloggers. So optimize content with high caliber images then see the magic. Hopefully I’m able to deliver my thoughts. Still any problem or advice. Very well just drop a comment below. If you feel you gain something please take a moment for sharing.

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