On Page SEO Mistakes! Be careful To Avoid

Greetings readers! Today you’re going to witness on page SEO mistakes performed by nearly every blogger. That’s why I’ve decided to share my view with all of you. Now you’re the judge guys. Hold your sit tight and get ready for scanning.

Content is the king and SEO is the queen of your kingdom

SEO stands for Search Engines Optimization.On page SEO  is a crucial SEO part for any blogger Most of the newbie bloggers give more interest in the design not in SEO.

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Search engines(Google, Yahoo and Bing) are  best place to receive direct or organic traffic. But without proper optimization blogging is an impossible task for sure. Now ask yourself is your blog properly SEO enhanced? If you are not so sure about it and want to find out your errors. Then let’s roll downward  to catch on page SEO  mistakes.

# Keyword Stuffing

This is the most common mistake made by everyone, that’s why I put this in the top of my list. Many Newbie or recent bloggers are not aware of this. Keyword stuffing  means repeating the same word in a single post. Search bots and spiders always hate this type of contents and drop them for violating  SEO terms.

Input your keywords in the post technically and smartly. Pro bloggers said  put 3-5% according the article. If you want to know about keyword placement. Browse  Google for detail guide given by thousands SEO experts.

#No Keyword Research

Keyword research plays an imperative role in the ranking factor. You need to check the monthly searches of a keyword and place it in your content within the perimeter of Keyword Density(3-5%). Significantly utilize the best searched keyword because they are overall traffic builder in your post. Therefore they are also magnetizing spiders and crawl robots to crawl your site.

 #Buy Paid Links

Biggest mistakes made by every blogger. Many newbie already did this but it’s time to stop this nonsense. Avoid those kinds of services which promise thousands of links at a cheap price. Those links came from low quality and spammy site which search engines hates the most.
For example if one day thousands of links came in no time it will be suspicious for SE and can be flagged as an “Irregular Linking Activity “. It could cost your site performance. That’s why I suggest you not to use those types of services. And if you really want to create a buzz in your site then you need stick to comment links.

#Duplicate Content

Duplicate content means publishing others posts on your blog. This is a major mistake done by the large numbers of bloggers(Specially at the beginning). But it’s time to stop this nonsense activity, Sound’s rude but right. I am saying this because this practice could harm your blog rankings and even your site could be permanently deleted from search engine. Basically  up to you either you need to step up and write your own posts or step back and seeing your site going deeper in the search engines which might never ever restored.

#Never Target Single SE

We all want the top spot in the search engine that’s the reason why we always target popular search engine like Google. But, Google is not only the single SE based on internet. Sometimes, we may forget the other giant SE’s like MSN, Yahoo, Bing. You can also get desired from here in your blog. So targeting a single SE like Google is foolishness, the other SE’s can give much needed traffic for your blog. So keep it in your mind and avoid this mistake.


I’ve pointed out on page SEO mistakes for avoiding further mistakes in future. Be careful and implement right picture into the frame i mean blog post. I’m written this post mainly to wake up and restart if you have failed or having trouble for running your blog. Don’t give up and remember smart hard work is key of success. Do you any complain or any suggestion? Drop a comment below i will wait for you response. Have a great days. Good bye guys.

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