Some Killer Ways To Drive Traffic On Your Blog

Hello Allseobuzz readers! Today you are going to detect some of the best ways to drive traffic. Yes!  Content is king.  It is one hundred percent true but in this modern blogging era writing is not enough to make your way to the top of the search engines. Without the reasonable traffic your blog posts can’t do anything.

Fact is if you are writing great posts where no one has to read it then does it make any worth? For this reason traffic engagement is very essential. Driving traffic to a site needs lot of patience and little bit of skill. Many newbie bloggers (fastlearners) always try to find a shortcut for a way out from this problem but they don’t know realize that success has no shortcuts.  I’ve done lot of mistakes too in the beginning just like many others.

Driving to a site is not a difficult task.  If you work hard and be consistent about this. Then nothing can stop you for obtaining quality traffic to your blog and improve your search engine ranking also.

Are you ready to note some of the best ways to drive traffic? Okay Let’s kick off:-


Guest posting

It’s as simple as it looks. Well guest posting simply define when somebody publish their content on other bloggers to receive do follow backlinks or link juice and authority. Also freelancers do this to make a name for themselves into the high PR blogs.

Blog commenting

One of the most simple and fastest ways to bring traffic is commenting. For many years newbie to entrepreneurs utilizing this strategy to work out the traffic engagement problem. And the most awesome part about blog commenting is its need no tactics. That’s the reason why everyone can do that.

Just find a high page rank blog relevant to your niche and give some worthy comments for their hard work. But remember don’t leave like comments like Good post, Nice post, thank you etc. I am saying this because if you do that they will mark as spam.

Social Media

For the past couple of years social media made a huge impact to the blogosphere. Nowadays it also plays a vital part in the ranking system for a blog.

It also helps to build natural backlinks and getting decent of traffic. Sharing your contents on the popular social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc is necessary because these sites have millions of active users. That’s why the more you active on these sites will increase the chances of traffic engagement.

So what are you waiting for start doing it and see your site performance. I am sure it will much increase than before.

Blogging Communities

Blogging Communities also a nice tactics for traffic engagement. There’s lot of communities are available for doing this. The job is very easy and clean.

All you have to do is share your blog posts here. You can also give comments on others shared posts. In this way you can be friends with fellow bloggers.

This way strong blogging network will be build and it will be very good for traffic and also for blogging. So remember this and start sharing now.


I am going to end this article with latest old method. Yeah it’s “old is gold’ forum. Forum can be used in case of getting traffic. There are thousands of registered users in different kind of forums according to your niche.

So you have to choose a forum related to your niche a start a discussion. Then the more response you get the chance of getting traffic will be more increased.

Final verdicts

I’ve enlisted most popular and well known strategy for some of the ways to drive traffic to your blog. No I’m not saying that you can gather traffic within few days. It will take time depending on your blogging strength but I gave you a systemic procedure to cut off your tension for driving traffic within your blog. So try these methods and if you face any problem share with us. We are always keen to help you. That’s it for now. Good bye.


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