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Facebook Status In Hindi : As we all know Facebook is a social networking website and very popular in world. There are billions of people uses facebook in their daily life. You can update your Facebook Status on your fb account. If you are from india country then you will definitely update Facebook Status In Hindi language. So in this article, we will especially provide the Facebook Status In Hindi for our all readers. We have many readers from india and they loves hindi language so we are writing in hindi.

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Facebook Status In Hindi Language

1. Baap- Beta Chhod De Ye
Ye Facbook Tuje Roti
Nahi Dene Wali.
Kamina Beta- Haa Papa
Ye Facebook Muje Roti
Nahi Denewali
Par Roti Banane Wali Dega.
2. Effect Of Facebook…

Teacher – Batao Parle-G Par
Jo Green Dot Bana Hota Hai
Uska Kya Matlab Hota Hai?
Student – Sir Iska Matlab Hai
Ki Parle Sahab Abhi Online Hain.
3. Girl After Breakup:

“Agar Wo Jaan Bhi Maang
Leta Tou Hans K De Deti
Kameene Ne Facebook
Ka Password Maang Lia … 😛
4. Girl: Why Is My Name Is Always On
Ur Facebook
In Every 2 Minutes.?
Boy: Facebook Keeps Asking Me,
What’s On My Mind.?
And Honestly, It’s Always You..
5. Facebook Me Apna Muqaam
Kuch Is Tarah Se Banao Ki…
Agar Marr Bhi Jaao To Log Ye
Banda Asal Zindagi Me To
Kabhi Milta Nahi Tha,
Par Facebook Par Regular
Update Karta Tha…
6. Free Advice For Boys
Ladki Ki Pic Par Kabhi Mat
Comment Karnaa.. Warna 3 Mahine
Tak Notification Aayenge..! !

7. Facebook Love Story:-)
Add As Friend:)
Writt Something On Wall
Everyday Chatting
Ask Number Phone
Express Love
Make Relationship Status
Break Up
Block 🙁 The End……..
8. 1 Din Facebook Pe Apni 1
Classmate Se Chatting Kr Rha Tha
Baat Karte Karte Usne Poocha
‘Chuttiya Hai ?’
Maine Kha ‘Chal Saali Tu Hogi’
Wo Boli Maine Poocha Holidays
Kabse Hain ? I Was Trolled
Kasam Se Uss Din Ke Baad Aaj
Tak Us Se Hi Hello Ke Aage
Baat Nahi Ki Kr Paya !
9. Height Of Facebook Update:p
A Man Wrote…
Suhaag Raat Hai Ghunghat
Utha Rha Hu Mai
After Few Minutes
75 Likes And 1 Comment
Bhai, Update Krte Rehena
Hum Online Hi Hai:p

Facebook Status For Friends

10. Dad : Son, I Have A Facebook
Account Now..
Accept My Friend Request

Son: You’re On Facebook Now?

Dad: What Does WTF Mean?

Son: Ohhh.. It Means, Welcome
To Facebook, Dad.
11. Yeh Sunke Mere Hath Se Gol
Gappa Hi Gir Gaya.. Jab
Gol Gappe Wale Ne Kaha Plees
Hamare Facebook Wale Page
Ko Like Kar Dena….?
12. Height Of Social Networking:
Teacher: Where Is Your Homework?
Student: I Uploaded It On
Facebook And I Tagged You. . . 😉
13. Facebook Fever:
Once A Guy Updated His Status
“I M Gonna Sleep In Garden
After Sometime
170 Mosquitoes Liked His
14. A Boys Painful Letter To Facebook…
Dear Facebook, Plz Stop Suggesting
Me Such Beautiful Girls,
It Really Hurts When I Can’t Add Them.. :((

Sincerely, Blocked User 😛 :))
15. Height Of Addiction:
Just B4 A Prisoner Was
Ready 2b Hanged 2 Death
D Officer Askd Him Abt
His Last Wish!
He Said: I Want 2 Update
My Facebook Status As Died.
16. Facebook- The Place Where
People Announce Their Problem
With World But Not With The
Person They Have A Problem With.
Strange But True.. 🙂
17. Girl’s Status On Facebook:
“Feeling Sad”
Guy’s Status:
“Goin To Suicide”
2 Likes And 1 Comment Which Reads
“Dude Who’s Gonna Use Ur Bike Now?”

Facebook Status In Hindi For Friends

18. Tere Status Ki Wo Namkeen
Baaten, Tere Sms Se Wo
Mulaakaten, Nahi Bhulunga Me,
Jab Tak Hai Facebook
Jab Tak Hai Facebooke
Wo Tera Like Karke Cmnt Na Krna,
Wo Tera Sms Ka Rply Na Krna,
Nahi Bhulunga Me,
Jab Tak Hai Facebook
Jab Tak Hai Facebook
19. Boy N Girl On Fb
Girl: U Never Smile Na??
Boy: Hw Can U Say Dis??

Girl: Ur Smiling Pics R Mising Here
Boy: Ok Then Do U Bath Daily??
Girl: Ya Ofcorse..y U Asking??
Boy: No, I Hvnt Seen .Any Pic.
20. Girls Status On Fb-> 🙁
1. Haww! Kya Hua?
2. Hey,evrything Ok? Shud I Call?
3. Hey, Dont B Sad.tell Me Wot Happened?
4. Evrythngs Gonna Be Ok Baby, Chill.


21. Boys Status On Fb-> 🙁
1. Rota Hi Rahio Zindagi Bhar Kutte
2. Kya Hua Kamine
3. Sala Dukhi Aatma.
4. Zindagi Barbaad Hai Teri Saale.
22. I Want To Make A
Facebook Account

And The Name Will Be
So When I See Stupid
Scrap People Post,
I Can Like It…
And It Will Say
Nobody Likes This…. =P
23. Facebook Paper
Q1 . Define Add As Friend ?
Q2 . What Does Status Means ?
Q3 . What Do U Mean By Poke ?
Q4 . Give Two Reasons For Liking The Girls Comments ?
Q5 . What Is Pic Tag ?
Q6 . What Is Inbox Msg ?
Q7 . Give Details Of Info ?
Q8 . Draw A Profile Pic ?
Q9 . What Is Page ? And Why We Prmote It . Givereasons ?
Q10 . Define Comments On Post ?
24. Similarity Between
Facebook ‘N Jail 😛




In B0th Cases Y0u Sit
‘N Waste Time N’ Write 0n Walls
25. Fighting Styles :
Meet Me At The Ground And I’ll Show U !!
Dare To Come At My Place..
Then U’ll Know Who I Am !!
Phone Pe Sher Mat Ban
Saamne Aa To Dekhta Hoon !!
Tu Facebook Pe Mil Saale…!
Teri Wall Pe Aise Comment Maarunga
K Account Hi Delete Kar Dega.
26. Girl’s Status On Fb:

“I M Sad:(”
Boy’s Status:
“I M Goin To Commit Sucide :-“(
(2 Likes, N 1 Comment:
Dekh Le Yar, Ho Skay To Na Kr!)

facebook status in hindi

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