Saturday , August 11 2018

How To Build Quality Backlinks to Boost Rankings Of Your Blog

Greetings readers! Today you are going to detect how to build quality backlinks to boost rankings of your blog? How to make backlinks- probably this is the most common search around the bloggers. Cause backlinks can emerge your blog into another level.

Many people said “backlinks is the spine of the blog”. With high PR backlinks you not only build traffic plus generate authority among the bloggers.

Building backlinks is not too easy and not too hard though. You need to implement proper techniques to gather but you shouldn’t spam others blog for traffic .Keep in mind guys.

Time to dig inside to learn the backlinks building strategy. Without any further ado let’s seek how to build quality backlinks to boost rankings of your blog?



Blog Commenting is one of the coolest methods to gain backlinks. Newbie to Professional bloggers everyone using this tactic to collect the precious link backs. The job is very easy to understand for everyone. You need to find some high page rank blogs and give of your opinion about their contents.

See the task is very easy. But don’t give the comments until you read the full post because if you just read the half post and give comments like nice post, Thanks, Good post etc, the blog owners will notice that you have not read their article fully and doing it for your own purpose. So I recommended you to read the fully post then give your voice about their articles.

Guest Posting

The second best option to collect backlinks is Guest Posting. Many people believed that guest posting is dead but I believe it’s totally wrong because how you use guest posting is decide that it is bad or good.

If you submit your posts in high page rank blogs will surely solve the backlinks problem and also increase your traffic volume for your site. And it’s very good for ranking in the search engines. So what are you waiting for start posting and see your site result.

Directory Submission

One of the easiest way receive backlinks is Directory Submission. You need to just submit your written articles to the popular directories and that’s it.

The task is very simple to understand for everyone. This way you can also get one way inbound links which is very good for ranking in the search engines.

Blogging Communities

Nowadays blogging communities become more famous than before. Everyone using this trick to receive backlinks. Blogging communities have thousands of active users. So, submit your precious contents there would be very helpful for getting those link backs and traffic too.

Social Media

Don’t ask me why you should social media? Why not? Social giants like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ consist millions traffic per month. Just wonder if you get small portion traffic within your blog. Then your blog would fly across the sky.

Social Bookmarking

Oops! You didn’t aware about Social bookmarking sites like Reddit, Stumbleupon and Digg etc. No rocket science in it. Be active share other contents and vote for them and trust me they you will get good return


Guys I’ve provided you how to build quality backlinks to boost Rankings of Your blog? Which is quite headache for almost every niche bloggers. I hope you guys enjoyed the post. Yeah! It’s simple but considering the fact it’s not going to happen overnight. Be patience – active –consistent and work hard. The mantra is smooth and simple.

Follow these guides and you will notice improvements whether you are newbie or amateur blogger. If you liked this post please consider it to share with the friends. That’s it for now. Good bye! Have a good weekend.

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