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12 Search Engine Optimization Terms You Need To Know

Greetings Allseobuzz readers! Today I’m discuss with you 12 search engine optimization terms you need to know you.SEO is butter if you know how to use it with the bread. Last time I’ve discussed with you off- page, on page, image optimization and content optimization. So after highlighting those key structures of search engine optimization.

Now I focused on 12 valuable seo terms which you should maintain through your blogging journey-Proficiency can unlock the opportunity but miss-guide can eliminate your damn existence. Point is there so many coming in your blogging path but you should have an eye to refine the positives and negatives.

I think you started to realize the inside material of the post. Okay! Guys no more suspense. It’s time for heading towards 12 search engines optimization terms you need to know. You got the coffee. Let’s begin!

1. Black Hat SEO

As the name implies “Black hat SEO” which used to boost Pagerank quickly with less efforts into the blogging or internet marketing field. Bunch of depraved ways to gather traffic and popularity certainly. Containing various tactics like keyword stuffing, spam commenting for backlinks. Clocking, entrance page, paid links and link farms etc. These kinds of methods are strictly prohibited by search engines. But if you still trying then be ready for consequences.

2. Keyword Staffing

What is keyword staffing exactly? When you are writing an article did you measure how many times you are putting the main keywords? If you are ignoring or over doing then stop right now. Search engine giants like Google, Yahoo and Bing set the standard which is 2-3% per article.

Example: If you are writing a 500 words post then total no. of keywords = 500*3/100=15. All though many pro bloggers recommend it 2%. In this case 10 keywords for this post.

3. Clocking

Clocking is  little distinctive type of black hat strategy where the blog owner or webmaster display two different view one for visitors and another for search engines. It’s completely unfair if anybody got high Pagerank and traffic without quality content via exploiting this method. Be careful if you are going to implement this cause then you will be penalize.

4. Entrance Page

Entrance page is a particular page or address which is made to enhance rankings and flow link juice with lots of keywords which factually include few words (50-60) and most of those filled with targeted keywords.

5. Link Farm

What is Link farm? Good question. Some bloggers make 4-5 blogs to build link cycle for his main blog. Stay away from these type of ethnics. Don’t try to build backlinks rapidly. Do it legitimately and regularly.

6. Paid links

Did you ever see the ads like “ buy 3000 quality backlinks at just $10 only’. Beware of this trap guys. Don’t ever think to buy or if you’ve bought unfortunately then don’t implement it cause result will be blog penalization or banned. Most important this is absolutely garbage to the search engine’s eyes. So throw this garbage into dustbin –where exactly it belong.

7. White Hat SEO

White Hat Seo defines ethical tactics of blog SEO. Bloggers/webmasters follow legal ways by the search engine guideline’s to generate organic traffic. I admit that it’s time taking but you must aware that “Patience is the key of your successful blogging journey”.

8. 301 Redirects

301 redirection used to redirect visitors from old to new domain without losing any traffic . Basically you execute it when have to change your .in domain to .com  for some reasons or when blogger blog users upgrade from sub-domain to custom domain. In this case 301 redirection is very helpful cause you don’t lost any traffic. See how much 301 redirect effectiveness for SEO.

9. Meta Data

Meta data consist general info of a blog like author title, e-mail, location, language, copyrights, and keywords and site description. Accessible by web spiders.

10. Index Pages

Indexing is vital after publishing the articles. Cause it notify search engines about your content. So you can obtain ranking whenever anybody search a related keywords and if it match your contents, your got rank according to your blog authority and PR. Normally search engines index rapidly High PR authority blogs within 5-10 minutes or 30 minutes sometimes. If you’ve started just then it may require 24 -48 hours.

11. Sitemap

Sitemap sustain all published data including post and pages. Two kind of sitemap up for grabs. First HTML sitemap – it’s actually a page for user friendly smooth navigation and second XML used for accessing whole site’ data by web crawling spiders.

12. Robot.txt

Robots.txt is the language file which can be visible by browsing like this:- Example : Just replace the URL with your and then it the enter in to your browser. Not visible for the readers only for search engines spidery crawlers.

Link Cycle

Link cycle is an exchanging method which set up by few bloggers collaboration. Basically the bloggers discuss and input each other links within their blogs for obtain link juice.


You can see I’ve disclosed all 12 search engine optimization terms you need to know. I hope you understand the point of view of the article. Key points be consistent with utilize ethical tactics according to search engine’s guides.

Do you think I’ve missed some points okay let me know by dropping a comment below. If you enjoyed this post please take a breath and share with your friend circles. That’s it for now. Good bye! Keep visiting your favorite SEO destination.

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